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Dilapidations: national care provider

Our timely service enables the client to make the best decisions

We work with a national group of nursery providers which leases properties across the UK.

In any one year around 30 properties are nearing the end of their lease and the client needs to make a business decision whether to renew or terminate each one. Ending the lease can trigger the landlord to make a dilapidations claim, particularly where our client has made changes to the property. Moving the nursery to another location therefore has major financial implications, and the Property Director needs sufficient information about the condition of each property to make this decision.

We provide a full dilapidations service, carrying out a detailed building survey of the property up to 12 months before the end of the lease. From this survey we can cost out repairs on each property and enter into negotiations with each landlord about the scope and cost of works.

Our timely and comprehensive service enables the client to make the best decisions on their property strategy.

Moving to another location has major financial implications

SERVICES provided

    • dilapidations
    • building surveys

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