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Roof surveys

"the main challenge was being able to inspect all the different roof elements"

The client is a specialist residential, education and vocational provider for young people and adults with complex needs. They have several sites in South Yorkshire.

We were contacted because they needed comprehensive building fabric inspections across their estate. From these reports they were looking for detailed cost information to enable them to plan and budget their repair and ongoing maintenance plan. Each site has multiple buildings of varying ages, and the main challenge was being able to inspect all the different roof elements, including difficult to access areas.

Sites are multi-building accommodation with vulnerable people living on the premises, so we needed to be mindful of this and be efficient in our time on site. We recommended the use of drone photography and video to supplement the traditional survey, in order to capture all the details. Using a drone had the added advantage of enabling us to gain these essential details in a limited amount of time.

Our building surveyor instructed the drone pilot to focus on specific roof defects and we were able to capture still photography and detailed video.

The work enabled the client to prepare budgets for the new financial year

SERVICES provided

    • Full building survey
    • Commissioning and overseeing drone pilot work
    • Survey reports

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