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Midlands High School Redevelopment

detailed information to help a school create a masterplan

We were approached by a high school in the Midlands who were considering redeveloping a science block. Built in the 1960s and not refurbished since, the building is in a poor state of repair. The school wanted to understand the full extent of any damage, potential redevelopment costs and what the block could look like.

The initial request was for a survey of the science block. In order to fully capture the detail of the building including a sizeable flat roof, we undertook a drone survey and laser scan. Working to tight timescales over the Easter holidays, the client wanted us to keep our time on site to a minimum. However, in just 2 hours we were able to survey not just the science block but also the wider school site.

Technically we have been able to mesh the output from both the laser scan and drone surveys creating an accurate survey over a large area. Deliverables include not only CAD and PDF drawings but also immersive digital plans of the existing site which all stakeholders can access remotely over an internet connection.

Capturing data from the whole site is allowing the Trustees to create a masterplan for a 5 year development of the site, looking beyond the refurbishment of one block and enabling them to plan capital budgets over a longer time scale.

SERVICES provided

  • Drone survey
  • laser scan
  • digital plans

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